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What does your money say about your financial success?​

How do you feel about money?

Is it a source of power?

Or the root of your problems?

There are 5 types of money that are keeping you broke

By mapping each type, to your deeper beliefs, traumas, vows, and emotions connected to it you can uncover the secret agenda that keeps you from acheiving wealth.

That secret agenda decides:

  • How much you are allowed to earn

  • How much wealth you deserve to have

  • How hard you have to work for your money

  • If you can earn money doing what you LOVE

If you are TRYING to get ahead of your money but

  • Everytime you get ahead something happens and you lose it all

  • You can't seem to get past a certain income

  • You're embarrased by how much debt you have

  • You CAN change it!


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I'm Brenda.

I help people regain financial control...

because that's what I did:

After paying off over $20,000 in debt and
paying cash for a trip to 3 continents in only 9 months
I finally have a savings account


Hi! I'm Brenda

It wasn't always this way.​

About 2 years ago, I went from not using a bank account because I was afraid the creditors would seize it and having a disabled car making it impossible to work to:

  • paying off over $20,000 in debt,

  • ​repairing the car, and

  • traveling to Greece, Israel and Egypt while still having money in the bank.

Once I returned to the states, I spent thousands of dollars to get certified in the same techniques I used to take control of my life SO I COULD HELP YOU.

Now imagine your life with the exact amount of money YOU want but has been some how eluding you all this time.

Take this quiz and listen to the videos I will send you so you can finally be on the path to having all the money you want (and deserve!) 

UGGG! Deserve?

Yup! you DESERVE your desire, not your reality. 

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